Enabling a better tomorrow, every day, for generations to come

Our modular building solutions help companies, communities and environments thrive. When these spaces thrive, so do the people at the heart of them.
As a group of companies, we’re enabling a better tomorrow by building projects and structures that attract investment, engagement, and innovation. Some of the many benefits and USP’s are explored below.
This purpose drives all our decisions. Our values are also incredibly important. Head to our core values page to read them.


Renting modular buildings is an increasingly popular option due to the flexibility it offers. It’s ideal for both short-term and long-term client requirements.


Our modular buildings provide cost efficient permanent solutions. Whatever the use case, businesses can expect sophisticated premises of the highest quality.


and sustainable

We believe in circularity: Reusing materials and making products that last. If a client has finished using one of our buildings, it can easily be re-sited elsewhere or repurposed for a different use.

Enabling growth across multiple sectors

Flexible building

Buildings are part of the fabric of society. It makes sense for this infrastructure to be as accessible as possible.
Modular Buildings provide the flexibility many organisations need. Renting high quality pre-constructed buildings means businesses and organisations can scale up without a large initial outlay and get an affordable but bespoke design in the process.

Capabilities and uses

The capabilities of modular buildings are endless. Whether you’re a retail business looking to generate revenue quickly or a public sector organisation increasing capacity, modular buildings could be the solution.
We’ve seen our buildings used for internationally recognised food and drink retailers, hospitals, schools, prisons and more. Single unit kiosks all the way to multi-storey buildings.
These are spaces for living and working. Spaces for learning and for saving lives. Buildings that are part of everyday life. 

Rapid and experienced

Modular solutions have several in-built benefits such as improved build quality and sustainability, improved onsite health and safety and shorter construction times.
We’re proud to offer this and more. Premier Modular Group has over 65 years of experience and a proven track record in the industry.
This is down to our belief in customer centricity and our rapid response to client’s needs, which are at the heart of all we do. The industry leading stacking capability of our structures, and the variety and interchangeability of our fleet also mean we can provide different options for different footprints and specifications.
That track record is enhanced further by our completely in-house manufacturing ensuring we control quality and output. We aren’t dependent on 3rd party suppliers to deliver an uncompromised service to our clients.

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