Strategy & Growth


To take Premier Modular Group into the future, we’ve identified a number of key goals. As a group of companies, we’re also driven by four strategic pillars which focus our growth. The future is promising, and these will help us get there.

Our Aims


To be a sustainable and profitable modular and offsite related products rental company, supported by cash and profit generating low risk modular and offsite sales businesses.


To operate in all profitable sectors in the UK and targeted European markets.


To be recognised as a leader in sustainable solutions whilst remaining demonstrably agile and flexible in our approach to markets, customers, and solutions.

Our Strategic Pillars

Customer Centric

The customer and their needs always come first, and we strive to meet them where they’re at, seeking to always deliver the best possible service.

Operational Excellence

Excellence is a key value for our group. In everything we do from project management, to the quality of our products, we strive to make products that stand the test of time and set us apart from the competition.

Leadership in Sustainability

We’ve expressed our desire to be leaders in sustainability within our own sector and beyond. This means making decisions with the environment in mind.

Investment in our People

As you can see from our statements on culture, we care about investing in people. By doing this and using the best local talent in the areas we operate, we can continually improve our services to our customers.

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