Clear values resulting in a better service for our customers

Our values bind us together as a group and help us reach our potential. To be recognised as a market leader in sustainable and profitable and offsite modular solutions, we must be driven by the values you see below


  • We’re clear with what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it.

  • We operate our business with integrity and honesty.

  • We want our teams to feel like they are part of the business.


  • If we’re not doing something to the best of our ability, we want to be challenged on it.

  • We have a group structure in place that enables us to deliver the best performance and a company which works for everyone involved.


  • We believe strong results come from quality service.

  • Yes, we can vouch for the integrity of our products and services, but we also believe they offer a return on investment for the client.

  • Efficiency is important to us, so we are always looking to optimise this.

Best Practice

  • We use the best tools and methods to deliver on our promises.

  • We want to be seen as a company who does it right, first time.

  • We believe in an agile and flexible approach to markets, customers, and the end product. 


  • Our businesses wouldn’t work without teams. It’s one of the ways we’re consistently able to deliver good results.

  • Our teams are an active and valued part of each company, and everyone’s opinion is listened to and respected.

  • Our clients receive the best service when we work as a team and pool our resources, gifts, and specialisms together.

I firmly believe that our business success comes from employing excellent people and then having an inspiring and positive culture to work within. The whole team truly live by our core business values creating a best in class, open, honest, customer centric, performance driven yet family feel environment.

David Harris
Group Managing Director

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