Premier Modular Appoints Net Zero Lead

Following the launch of its strategy to achieve net zero by 2035, Premier Modular has appointed Simon Elliott as its Net Zero Solutions Lead.

Premier Modular, the UK’s leading offsite construction specialist, are proud to have received Europe’s first ESG certification.

Simon joined Premier in 1999 as a designer for its rental buildings. He was promoted to Senior Design Manager in 2014.

In his new role, Simon is leading a research and development programme to further reduce both embodied carbon and ‘in use’ regulated carbon in the products and materials used in the manufacture of Premier’s modular solutions for both rental and permanent space.

Initiatives include looking at viable low carbon alternatives to carbon intensive mineral or glass fibre insulation, such as natural fibres, that meet the same quality and performance standards.

The R&D project is also focusing on ways to reduce ‘in use’ regulated carbon generated in the operation of Premier’s building rental fleet. This will be achieved by expanding the range of low carbon options and renewables available for buildings to rent and for long-term lease.  Providing accurate testing data will enable customers to make informed procurement decisions to help reduce their carbon footprint. The options will include solar PV and hot water generation, green roofs, triple glazing, and air source heat pumps.

David Harris, Managing Director of Premier Modular, said, “Simon is responsible for some really exciting ESG initiatives and R&D investment in the manufacture and operation of our buildings in every sector. Our drive to net zero is a really important part of our ESG strategy and we are making tremendous progress in this area and across the business.”

Simon is part of Premier’s ESG Committee which looks at how Premier meets its ESG and net zero carbon commitments and provides recommendations to the board to the benefit of stakeholders and the wider community.

Simon has nearly four decades of experience in the modular building sector and prior to joining Premier he worked on modular projects across the UK and internationally such as a hotel on the edge of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, an extension to the British Embassy in Moscow, housing for the oil industry in Iraq and Iran, modular living accommodation for the British Army after the Falklands war, and a workers’ campus for the construction of the Channel Tunnel.